Fiat to Privacy Coins Method 1

XMR– Monero

DERO – Dero

ARRR – Pirate Chain

Very low fee US dollars to DERO using DEX and no KYC

  • Coinbase > Buy USDC using Fiat > Withdraw USDC to Polygon Network (MetaMask wallet)
  • SushiSwap for MATIC > Send MATIC to TradeOgre
  • Trade MATIC – USDT > Trade DERO – USDT > Withdraw DERO to Secure Wallet

One of the challenges with converting into crypto is low fees. The second challenge today is protecting your privacy and personal information which means working in a no KYC environment. Unfortunately most of the major exchanges today like Kucoin or Binance no longer offer privacy or personal information protection and have even started blocking countries from using their exchanges.

There is very little point in using large centralized exchanges anymore since they are just like having a bank account where they can discriminate transactions based on your personal information and are susceptible to large scale cyber attacks both internal and external due to the centralization of personal information. Because of the centralization of KYC information, centralized exchanges are now big targets for cyber attacks. On top of data breaches and other privacy concerns the blockchains these exchanges carry are mostly public blockchains which expose all of your personal and business financial transactions to not only the public but the entire world.

Crypto users must now focus on using decentralized exchanges (DEX) or whatever centralized exchanges (CEX) are left who do not require KYC and are making an effort to protect your right to financial privacy. Below is a relatively low fee tutorial to get your fiat into one of the three cryptos above with focus on protecting your privacy and personal information. The overall fees will be around $3.00 per $1000. In some cases a lot less depending on your trade costs.

Buy USDC with fiat and withdraw to ETH sidechain

Buying into crypto is still not private unless you are trading cash for crypto on the street. For convenience purposes and linking a fiat bank account we are going to assume this part is not private and use to link your bank account and buy USDC using the US dollar. allows for free withdrawals into ETH sidechains. You want to take advantage of this because any trading or withdrawals in Coinbase comes with high fees. The side chains listed are Arbitrum, Avalanche C-Chain, Base, Optimism, Polygon, Solana, Stellar. For this example we will be using Polygon. This is where you will withdraw your USDC and at that point have full control of your crypto private keys. Another way to take control of your private key and get your crypto off of centralized exchanges with no fee.

Using the Metamask wallet plugin for your browser be sure to add the Polygon network (MATIC) then withdraw your USDC from selecting the Polygon Network. Its important you select the Polygon Network. This will be free and get your USDC into the Polygon network a sidechain of Ethereum. Since there are no fees you can test by sending only a few USDC coins.

NOTE: If USDC is not showing up in your MetaMask wallet be sure to import the correct contract address for Native USDC from You can retrieve the Token Contract address in your Token Holdings dropdown. In MetaMask click import tokens and add the new token address.

Swap USDC for Polygon MATIC network native currency

Navigate to the website SushiSwap. Connect your Metamask wallet to this application. Now you can swap your USDC for Polygon MATIC. You will need some Polygon MATIC in your Metmask wallet to make swaps and send MATIC. Always keep at least 10 MATIC in your MetaMask wallet for transactions. The easiest way to get some MATIC is to buy some MATIC in and send it to your MetaMask wallet. Keep in mind the Polygon network may be busy or slow and transactions may take a little while to show up in your wallet. MetaMask provides links to the Polygon blockchain to view your swap.

Send MATIC to an exchange

Your MATIC is now controlled by your MetaMask wallet and you are in control of your private key. You can sit on it or continue to convert it into a privacy focused crypto currency. You can send MATIC to any non-KYC centralized exchange (CEX) or decentralized exchange (DEX) that has MATIC as a trading pair. We are going to use which has a MATIC-USDT trading pair. Take note of which does not support MATIC yet but may include some side chains soon. Send your MATIC to using you Polygon MATIC deposit address on

Trade MATIC for your favorite privacy focused crypto

Make a few trades on into your favorite privacy focused blockchain. Start with trading MATIC-USDT. Then you can buy any of your favorite privacy focused cryptos. When you have completed your trades withdraw your crypto into your own wallet or send me a tip.

Monero (XMR)


MATIC-USDT (Polygon)
XMR-USDT (Monero)
ARRR-USDT (Pirate Chain)
BTC-USDT (Bitcoin)

Side chains like Polygon and Avalanche have low volume trade on CEX sites like TradeOgre or SevenSeas. In some cases they do not even exist on these exchanges yet. However, this is the future of low transaction fees and much faster transactions. Sure its a bit to learn how to use it but after a few trades its super easy and you have taken a step towards decentralizing more of your trades out of fiat. Polygon MATIC gives you the flexibility to use ETH tokens like USDC and USDT with much less transaction fees.

The tricks above also gets your USDC out of major exchanges with no fee and gives you control of your private key. Moving forward it is likely we will see increases in trade volume of things like MATIC and also start seeing these used more on fully decentralized exchanges (DEX). The idea here is to move more in the direction of decentralized exchange but still be able to on/off ramp fiat from the restrictive sometimes just plain horrible centralized exchanges who still provide a fiat bridge. Remember a centralized exchange is like a dirty public bathroom even if they push KYC on every customer. Get in and get out as fast as possible.