Decentralizing Your Life – Tips & Tricks

Maybe the most important list of your life. It could make you rich and will likely keep you alive.

  • Move most of your financial portfolio out of banks and invest in things like real estate, gold, silver, and lots of crypto. In particular privacy based crypto currencies. If you are still being paid in dollars, keep your bank balance low by withdrawing every check and start using cryptos to pay for services. You should consider taking out your IRAs early and stop contributing to your 401k.
  • Move away from using Microsoft Windows machines. It is very apparent that Microsoft Windows no longer respects your privacy and requires the use of KYC. Anything with KYC is an invasion of your rights and privacy. Switch to Ubuntu. It is free, stable, protects your privacy and is very easy to install and use.
  • Get out of Android and IOS operating systems that will continue to introduce more back doors into your privacy. Focus on operating systems that protect and respect your privacy like GrapheneOS. You can easily purchase a current model mobile device and install GrapheneOS.
  • Reduce your use of major email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo mail or Microsoft. Set these accounts up to forward to either a self hosted email with your own domain name or a small business email provider. Slowly migrate out of the email system you have probably used for decades.
  • Stop using major social media like Twitter and Facebook. Honestly if you are not making any money using them why are you using them. Main stream social media is designed to distract you and waste your time. Start using alternative media like Bitchute, Gab and Brighteon. Create your own Mastodon server and control your own content or join other small Mastodon servers. Build new online brands and networks that support free speech, privacy and decentralization.
  • Store extra food and medical supplies and be sure to have personal protection. Also have a good assortment of tools to repair things. Be ready for much more serious economic events to affect the supply chain even more.
  • Stop using centralized texting applications such as WhatsApp. Telegram was an alternative but there are signs Telegram will start to decline or implement censorship. Learn about peer to peer chat applications like Matrix / Element with end-to-end encryption and all the same features as WhatsApp or Telegram.
  • Mine crypto currencies. Support the networks and support decentralized applications. Decentralized applications will be a lot more secure than any centralized system regardless of the media propaganda against decentralized tech. Decentralized social media and news could very well save your life some day and will very likely increase your overall financial wealth and knowledge.
  • If you are a good programmer. Invest time in building decentralized applications and share them with other developers. The opportunities for decentralization are bigger than the dotcom years. We need to see decentralization work not just with crypto currencies but also your electric car or home security system. The world is looking to decentralize virtually anything that is electronic and connected to the web.
  • Do not support or buy internet of things devices. That actually includes electric cars. They are not decentralized and just another way for a hacker and criminals to enter your home or hack your vehicle. There will be a day when the public realizes electric vehicles need to also be managed using decentralized platforms.
  • Learn how to use HF and UHF radios for short and long range communications.
  • Learn how to grow you own food. Become more self reliant, off grid and independent. Harvest your own water. The transition from centralized to decentralized will take time, create major wars and disrupt economies. In the mean time humanity will have to go back a few decades reducing our use of high tech until it becomes more decentralized. Then humanity can expand again and reach much higher levels of wealth, intelligence and prosperity.
  • And finally do everything opposite of Jim Cramer from Mad Money on CNBC. You are sure to make some gains if you listen to him and just simply do the opposite.