What the hell happened in 2020-2023 and why did it push decentralization into Warp Speed?

Millions of people displaced and shut out of society because they don’t believe in forced vaccinations. Most do not know what they read or hear in the main stream media is simply not true. And now in mid 2022 people know others who have died as a direct cause of vaccination. Its become much more apparent to people that the government is not going to be there when the supply chains are completely destroyed.

Our idea is to incorporate free market societies using decentralized digital tools by building back local networks of food and the distribution of products. The current supply chain is breaking down faster than most can comprehended. Who knows where 2024 will lead us. We are watching on the sidelines right now to see how bad the governments will destroy all the supply chains with food being the number one supply chain disaster.

The only ticket to freedom will be the complete elimination of the current digital prison run by large corporations who are destroying free nations around the world. It is one thing to own your device. With decentralization you can also take control of the code on your device and take ownership of your content. Even if you trust corporations to manage your content there could be internal hacks or blackmailing. Having full control of your digital space will be just as important as human rights.

To become digital independent it will take work. Remember the people they have thrown out of work practically built the internet and the United States. The displaced talent is absolutely limitless and will be used to rebuild a free economy free from the chains of corporate control of social media and main stream media. Through decentralization the rampant corruption will be shown to the world.

When people learn to give up centralized technologies they will finally live a free and prosperous life. All financial and social media can and will eventually decentralize. We even see decentralization of electric vehicles, home surveillance and medicine. Those who follow will benefit while those who continue to go down the road of centralized technologies will experience dire or even deadly consequences.


There are three levels of decentralization and each level is a step closer to complete control of your digital data.


Absolute zero control of any of your data. You cannot even prove it was you who posted the data or created the data. AI could impersonate you or steal your identity. Big tech can steal your data and use it to make money for them. We all know things like Facebook, Dropbox and WhatsApp are centralized ways to provide social media, data storage and direct messaging applications. Your data is never safe with these organizations because someone in the centralized network of servers has full access to your data. They could either censor, modify or even delete your data. Hackers are attracted to fully centralized systems because it is much easier to compromise large numbers of accounts. Internal employee manipulation and data theft is easy in centralized systems. It is also easy to manipulate data, destroy data centers during a war and create chaos simply by denying access.


Self hosting applications for data storage or direct messaging is becoming more popular and these systems are becoming more decentralized by adding features like Federation servers where your data is copied across several servers in case of server failure or data center destruction. Matrix Synapse is a good example of end to end encrypted direct messaging with the option to federate your servers. There are many applications that can provide these services using open source software that could be installed on a server owned by the user. This is a good option for things that are just not quite ready for full blockchain decentralization. Its not the best because you still have to use a server service provider but it does offer a bit more control over your data. It can be a bit overwhelming for users who are not tech savvy to set up. Partially centralized is pretty much web hosting but can also work to replace things like Dropbox, daily planners, password management, direct messaging and email. Users will more likely be inclined to set up self hosted systems for small business or sometimes personal use. A lot of hosting providers have ways to spin up cloud servers that already have the software you need installed on them.


When every application will run in a decentralized blockchain such as web hosting, file storage, password management, daily planners, direct messaging, social media, email, search engines and even your electric vehicle or home automation without the use of any central server or third party administrator. Users have full access and control of their own data, finances, car or home using encryption keys. No other person, organization or government will have access to your data, finances, home automation or electric vehicle. This is coming quickly and as internet speeds increase and storage becomes cheaper this technology will become the normal. All data will be encrypted and distributed among millions of nodes making it immutable, impossible to censor and hacker resistant.

The general population is resisting things like privacy based crypto currency or decentralized chat applications but people will be forced toward fully decentralized and privacy based systems as AI becomes so dominant in tracing and hacking it will pretty much hack every centralize system making centralized systems completely obsolete. The creation and advancement of AI is being orchestrated by big tech who survives on centralization but AI could actually eliminate its creators. The only way for people to protect themselves from rogue and malicious AI will be encryption which is essentially the key component of decentralized networks.

Fully decentralized will also distribute the data resulting in lower cost with easier and faster access. Fully decentralized systems will eliminate data centers, eliminate banks and financial institutions, replace all social media with decentralized social media, allow users to take full control of their own home automation, distribute wealth and protect the privacy of financial applications, increase the speed of financial transactions and completely restructure economies. During wars or civil unrest your data will remain protected and virtually impossible to take down. The impacts of fully decentralized software have the potential to restructure and reduce the size of governments and completely change how businesses operate. Fully decentralized economies is in its infancy and will present a lot of new opportunities for those entrepreneurs who embrace digital and financial privacy.

From the destructive and corrupt behavior of current centralized systems that have a large user base it does appear that the majority of humanity is not quite ready for this level of digital independence. It does require a level of responsibility and knowledge to manage your own digital profile especially your own finances. When writing this short description it still amazes me how people in 2023 still refuse to accept digital currency. Even to just use for small transactions and not even hold it.

Early adopters of decentralization will lead the way to a very different digital future. Will the old system survive? Its likely AI will facilitate the destruction of the old centralized system much like a nation who implodes under its own debt. When this happens it will likely be difficult to recognize by those who cannot believe the current system is unsustainable. Meanwhile as the masses loose everything they will be offered an even more controlled centralized system. Those who kept telling everyone to support crypto currencies and decentralized projects will be saying “I told you so”.