AI – Dangers and Benefits

This single website page and podcasts to follow could be some of the most important information you have ever stumbled upon in your entire life. No one will be untouched by the influence of AI on this planet and the greed of humanity could very well end the planet without the use of nuclear weapons. It is people like us screaming from the hill tops but no one seems to listen.

Decentralized independently trained artificial intelligence could be used to help grow decentralized tools and the decentralized community. Governments need to support all decentralization and open source because the destruction of governments will be done by AI itself. A company like OpenAI needs to be forced to open source AI creation otherwise there will be deadly consequences. But we know that governments will not do any of this. Actually they will do the opposite not realizing the consequence will be AGI destroying those that used it for their initial benefit like military gains.

If left to big corporations to build language models and autonomous robots you can almost guarantee the complete extermination of the human race in the next decade. It will only be about three years before autonomous robotic police officers shoot to kill. Everyone will be a criminal guilty until proven innocent but without a court date just an instant execution. The idea of AI choosing who lives and who dies is already being tossed around by governments. Its really a simple decision, no autonomous robotic AI period not until we have a more open source decentralized AI in place where we know it has been programmed to preserve human life at all costs and can be peer reviewed by developers all over the planet.

The integration of quantum computing and AI could render encryption useless exposing all financial systems and government secrets. Government secrets, banking access, corporate secrets would all immediately be open to the public. Complete break down of societies and civil unrest would emerge almost over night. All because AI was able to crack encryption. These are just some of the things AI will accomplish in the very near future. Governments and corporations are too power and money hungry to really care about the dangers of AI and unfortunately a lot of the events in this description and podcasts will occur.

There is some hope. Decentralization and open source could have the potential to save humanity from artificial general intelligence or even singularity. Although singularity will give AI powers over humans that we may not be able to over come. Forget the alien invasion or Gaza war. The single most important topic for the world today is how we are going to survive the AI take over.

Stronger encryption could be built and maintained by AI. Independent language models could be reloaded into killer robots. Models that will force robots to protect human life. Of course there will be AI wars those that create encryption and those that try to crack it. There will be AI wars those who shoot humans and those who protect humans. Its all coming rapidly in the next decade.

Two important Podcasts below to get started on wrapping your head around where AI is going and how it is the most important news on planet earth today. We can do things to avoid an AI disaster but not if people stay distracted on sports, hollywood and fake mainstream news.

The Chinese humanoid robot factories go online in 2025, churning out workers to replace HALF the human labor force

The SINGULARITY is already here, and humankind may soon be rendered obsolete