Some links to projects focused on privacy and decentralization. Peer type tools, alternative operating systems, alternative finance and decentralized information. Some of these projects are not being maintained so some links may not work.

P2P ISPs is just a concept idea but those in the decentralized community know this will be necessary. The concept of peer to peer ISPs is not new and is already being implemented. For example Amateur radio operators have set up a mesh network of long range Wifi devices across the world called Arednmesh. It is decentralized and very difficult to take down.

Peer to peer ISPs will protect users from future centralized cyber attacks which will make the population aware of how vulnerable centralized systems are. This same type of mesh network could eventually be set up by the public. P2P ISPs will further decentralize the web.\ After a few cyber take downs the public will be looking for decentralized software solutions using blockchain but will also be looking to decentralize ISPs.