AI Agent

We are running our own AI agent like ChatGPT ( Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) which is being trained to help people with privacy based tools. This includes things like open source operating systems, alternative Android operating systems, applications for Dero smart contracts, privacy focused financial tools and information on how to decentralize your life. The focus for this chat agent is to be a professional in decentralized life.

Due to the high costs of running an AI agent this service may not always be available but as we continue training it will be available more often. If the link does not work it means the agent is currently not operating. We will start posting times when it will be available.

In order for us to get an AI Agent up and running there is an enormous amount of GPU power needed even for AI to be somewhat operational. We could use all the help you can give to produce a trainable AI that will focus on decentralized community knowledge. Please consider donating to any of the crypto addresses below to help fund some of this development work. When this AI is more functional we will make this open source. Even a little funding will allow us to keep this AI online for longer periods of time. Don’t let AI be trained by only large corporations who will not promote or have important knowledge about decentralization. Funding smaller developers to create language models without bias or corporate influence will be one of the most important things for the survival of humanity. We also need people to help train the models we start.